Pizza for Ukraine

This site helps you send a pizza or pizzas to a bomb shelter in the Ukraine.

1,292 pizzas delivered so far.

Hi. I'm Mark Bernstein. I'm a software developer, a writer and I wanted to help out in the Ukraine war. I didn't know what I could do but I realized that I could feed people just by sending pizza.

How This Works

  1. You send the $ you want to donate to our paypal account - You can use the form below or just use paypal from your phone / tablet / computer as you like.
  2. We send that money onto the local pizza vendors we found - listed on the faq.
  3. They deliver the pizzas to bomb shelters!

Use the PayPal Buy Now button below to donate.
This is set up for 1 pizza, 3 pizzas or 10 pizzas.



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